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How to Store Olive Oil?

Our business, which is established at the address of Çeşme Ayasaranda location 3309 Street No. 14, has been in your service since September 2016.

Although it is optional in our operation as a continuous system and two-phase, we usually compress with cold water.

First of all, we would like to thank all our neighbors who have visited our business and brought yheir productss from the day we started operating to this day.

We would like to share with you some practices that we witnessed while we were working and which are not correct.

Olive oil is a fruit juice. It is obtained by squeezing and purifying the olive grains, which are the fruit of the olive tree. Like any agricultural product, Olive and Olive oil deteriorate and lose their properties.

We strongly warn you,

Do not confuse what falls to the bottom of the olive tree with what you collect from the top. Because as soon as the olive grain comes into contact with the soil, it starts to deteriorate, the olive oil in its content starts to deteriorate too, and the degree of hardness ( acid ) increases as well as losing some of its components. The acid of an oil that has reached a high acid value does not evaporate and disappear unless it is distilled by special methods and especially by waiting.

Oil does not increase after it breaks off from the olive branch. For this reason, do not leave the collected olives in the sack, on the floor or on concrete or stone ground.

Our facility offers free olive picking exhibition cloth and safe deposit box service. When you call, the safes will be brought to your location. Olive is cottoned (moldy) and spoiled in a short time, especially in sacks made of plastic material.

Remember, olive oil with high acidity finds buyers at the price of one-third of low acidity olive oil.

Although the olive harvest period varies according to the region, it can be harvested from September to January in Çeşme.

Olive pests are responsible for olive spillage in July and August.

Collect and destroy these olives. Do not leave it on the floor or do not store it to get bored. Otherwise, the harmful eggs left in the olive berries turn into pests such as larvae and flies, and continue to harm the product until the end of the harvest, often even in the next new year.

Olive is a compound of oleic acid and glycerin. In addition, it contains 230 natural ingredients that are extremely valuable for the human body.

When the olive is degraded, the amount of free oleic aist increases as well as the degradation of the natural substances in its content, and the economic value of the oil decreases.

Fats with an acidity ratio of less than 3.3% are beneficial for health. Oils containing more than 3.3 acids are of low quality in terms of nutritional value.

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