Olive Tree

It is the fruit of the Olive tree (Oleaeuropea), which is especially adapted to the climate of the Mediterranean region, which is mild and rainy in summer and dry in winter. Olive, which is a single-core fruit type, is consumed as a food after it is sweetened as a fruit, but it has a very important place in the human nutritional chain as the fat nutrient in its content.

The olive tree is a shrub-specific and evergreen plant. The branches of the olive tree, whose branch height can reach 20 meters, are thornless, the leaves are arranged oppositely, green (upper face) and velvety silver (lower face) and lance-shaped pointed. It has been determined that the olive tree lives for 2000 years. Olive flowers that bloom from leaf stems in spring are white and yellow in color. Olive Tree trunk is not decomposing due to its fatty texture.

It is olive green in color, which takes on a purple color close to black when it matures. Although the fat from green olives is low in early harvest periods, there is a consensus when our blood fats contain more valuable components in terms of heart and vascular health.

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